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Superconscious Living -We make better decisions when the heart is calm.

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What talk collections are in the Treasure Chest?

NEW! Talks about Kriya Yoga – 8 talks – donation basis

Talks for Ananda Kriyabans – 22 talks – donation basis

“Sharing the Heart of Yogananda” arranged in categories such as meditation, success, happiness,  and more – 125 talks – by donation

“Treasures Talks Complete Collection” – nearly 400 talks

“Complete Treasures Talks, Audio Books & Music Collection”  get this, and you’ll have it all!!! – by donation

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"Swami Kriyananda’s talks have been such an inspiration to me! It is through them that I have gotten to know who Paramhansa Yogananda is. Thank you for opening the door for me through these talks!" [edited]

— Treasures Member, New Hampshire

Finding Happiness Movie

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Yekra is a revolutionary new distribution network for feature films.

Finding Happiness

See the film with spiritual teacher, Swami Kriyananda, that is inspiring devotees all over the world.