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What is Treasures Along the Path?

Treasures Along the Path is a collection of spiritual talks by teacher and founder of spiritual communities world-wide, Swami Kriyananda. His talks cover a range of topics: relationships, the chakras, karma and reincarnation, spiritual living, consciousness, overcoming obstacles, and more (See the Top Twenty Talks). Treasures is also a place to collect the stories and history of Swami Kriyananda throughout his life and mission to share the teachings of his Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, author of one of the best-selling spiritual classics of all time– “Autobiography of a Yogi.” Read More About Treasures »

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Our talks come from a vast archive of over 2,000 spiritual talks! Even if you were to listen to one talk a day, you would need at least 5 years to listen to each talk! Get the entire collection for a special fall price, or receive a gift for a new Treasures monthly membership here.

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"I ardently look forward to the talks by Swami Kriyananda! These talks have a remarkable way of arriving at exactly the right moment. They have been incredible and awe-inspiring and a further encouragement in forwarding my spiritual progress."

— Treasures Member

“Thank you for the excellent 'treasure' of 'The Divine Romance.' We have listened to it several times – each time is an additional unfoldment of pearls of wisdom.”

— D.S., Canada

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Finding Happiness

See the film with spiritual teacher, Swami Kriyananda, that is inspiring devotees all over the world.