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450 talks are available on a USB flash drive. More ”

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Talk Collections: Meditation, Devotion, Healing

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Delve into topics of Meditation, Devotion and Helping Others with our talk collection series. Three talks on each subject. More ”

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What Flash Drives of talks are in the Treasure Chest?

1. – 125 talks “Sharing the Heart of Yogananda” arranged in categories such as meditation, success, happiness, courage & calmness and more $50

2. Nearly 500 talks “Entire Treasures Collection” $200

3. Over 2,000 files “Complete Collection” Entire Treasures Collection, Entire Crystal Clarity Audio Collection including music, audio books and more – get this, and you’ll have it all!!!         $350 Contact Krishna Dewey


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"Talks of Swami Kriyananda have helped me a lot on my spiritual path, specifically to say focused and calm while facing everyday obstacles (job, people…) so I want to help others reach the helping hand I have been given."

— D.S., Sesvete, Croatia

Finding Happiness Movie

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Finding Happiness

See the film with spiritual teacher, Swami Kriyananda, that is inspiring devotees all over the world.