April 2014 – Energy and Magnetism


"If you want to succeed, have success thoughts in your mind." Swami Kriyananda

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Energy & Magnetism
Swami Kriyananda | 6:34

April 2014 — Talk of the Month
Energy & Magnetism, Energy & Magnetism
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This talk is one of the most in-depth discussions given by Swami Kriyananda on energy and magnetism. He explains that the flow of energy in our body and mind is the most important factor toward improving overall magnetism.

Kriyananda begins his discussion of energy and magnetism by explaining how great sages have all come at points in history to expound the teachings that could be understood. We are now in Dwapara, the age of energy. Yogananda spoke of advanced ways of travel even to distant stars and that man will find ways to go beyond matter consciousness. One of Yogananda’s foremost contributions to yoga is the energization exercises.

Attitudes greatly affect our magnetism. Being kind is magnetic – being unkind is unmagnetic, being joyful is magnetic and being moody or unhappy is unmagnetic. Certain colors are more magnetic than others. Energy and magnetism are interrelated.

Karma can be mitigated by increasing the level of energy in your body and mind, which will also improve your aura so that you are protected from negative energy. When your aura is strong it can actually influence outward events.

Kriyananda also explains how to engage your will and willingness without using tension. Using the will without tension can also be applied to practicing devotion and meditating more deeply.

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