April 2018 Superconscious Living Workshop Friday A 6/1/79


"To be centered in yourself means also to face reality as it is." Swami Kriyananda

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Superconscious Living Workshop Part One 6/1/79
Swami Kriyananda | 4:35

April 2018 — Talk of the Month
Superconscious Living Workshop Part One 6/1/79
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We are working on states of consciousness accumulated lifetime after lifetime. For many people, the superconscious state is a high goal. Others, who have become more aware of where their consciousness is at any given time, can learn to control the mind so that their awareness does not slip downward.

Swami Kriyananda explains how the body and mind can get into negative states and how to rise above them. When you see a quality in someone else that you don’t like, look inside yourself for that same quality in some form and work on it.

Yogananda said that a saint is a sinner who never gave up. Wherever you are on the journey toward higher consciousness, you can achieve mastery over any challenge, if you keep walking in the right direction. Don’t grieve the past. Forget the past. Everything in the future will improve if you make the right effort now.

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