August 2017 How to Find a True Teaching 9/23/83


"We must understand that the goal is one, the paths are many." Swami Kriyananda

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How to Find a True Teaching 9.23.83
Swami Kriyananda | 5:23

August 2017 — Talk of the Month
How to Find a True Teaching 9.23.83, How to Find a True Teaching 9.23.83 - Talk
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The points presented in this talk How to Find a True Teaching

are poignant for newer truth seekers and a helpful reminder for those who have been
on the spiritual path for a long time.

Swami Kriyananda mentions many qualities that will keep spiritual aspirants strong and focusedon the spiritual path. He explains that sincerity is a key factor in your efforts to find the truth.

Some qualities to look for in a true spiritual teacher are
compassion, inability to become angry, and the ability to enter the state of samadhi and joyfulness.

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