Helping Others Talk Collection
How to Inspire Spirituality in Others

Talk Collections - Meditation Talk Collection - Swami Kriyananda

This talk offers guidelines to use when helping others discover their innate spirituality.

  • Learn to “offer” inspiration
  • Use intuition to discover the needs of others
  • Be aware of the right timing to share inspiration

The Art of Spiritual Counseling

  • Reach out to others from your own center
  • Use ahimsa, non-violence when offering suggestions, be supportive
  • Find out the emotional state of the individual before counseling

How to Recognize and Trust Your Inner Guidance

  • Be open and attuned to God’s guidance
  • Discover the ways inspiration comes to us
  • Discern the difference between true guidance and person projection
Talk Collections - Helping Others Talk Collection
Talk Collections
Helping Others Talk Collection
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