January 2013 – How to Commune with God


“One of the great problems in our century has been the thought that we must do it all ourselves.” — Swami Kriyananda

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How to Commune with God
Swami Kriyananda | 4′:06″

How to Commune with God
January 2013 – Talk of the Month
How to Commune with God
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In this talk, Swami Kriyananda offers many suggestions on how to commune with God, such as putting forth the energy to be in tune with Him.

When we make an effort to contact God, His channel of grace opens up and He works through us. God is the Doer. One way to feel God’s presence constantly is to rededicate ourselves to him in every moment by giving all that we do and all that we are to Him.

Swami also talks about the religion of India and the theology of the western world. In India it is believed that everyone can commune with God. In the west, however, it is more common for people to seek God through another person, such as a priest, or through scripture.

As we go deeper in God communion, the thought of ‘I and Thou’ merges into the thought of ‘I, I.’ Gleefully destroy all things and ideas that separate you from God!

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