June 2013 – Life with Master Part Three


"We should always try to become better. We're here to live for God." — Swami Kriyananda

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My Life with Master Part 3
Swami Kriyananda | 3:43

June 2013 — Talk of the Month
My Life with Master Part 3
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This is a one of the rare talks by Swami Kriyananda in which he speaks about his life with his guru for almost an hour. He talks about how influencial Yogananda was to the modern world in bringing people deeper teachings, not just from a philosophical standpoint, but of showing people how to grow and live in higher consciousness.

One of the ways he taught the disciples to find answers and guidance was to tune into a higher consciousness and understand from within, not from the intellect.

The Master exuded a very powerful energy and reflected back to each person he met, their highest potential and made everyone feel he was a friend to them. He didn’t focus on people’s faults, he focused on their potential. He helped people achieve what they themselves were looking for in life.

Yogananda also had the utmost respect for everyone. He never imposed his will on anyone, even to those close to him. He could be stern, but would only correct someone if they wished it.

Kriyananda also speaks of how humorous and full of joy Yogananda was.


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