June 2018 Superconscious Living Saturday A 6/2/79


"Don't hypnotize yourself with the short-comings of your ego, they aren't your real self." Swami Kriyananda

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Superconscious Living II Saturday 6.2.79
Swami Kriyananda | 3:14

June 2018 — Talk of the Month
Superconscious Living II Saturday 6.2.79
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This Saturday talk from a weekend workshop begins with music and the story of how Yogananda tested Kriyananda and the other monks who were digging the hole for a swimming pool at the desert retreat. Yogananda tested them by making them repeatedly start the hole in a new place. It was only to show them how to observe their own reactions. Swami saw the lesson for what it was. He and a few others had a good laugh afterward. Swami explains the process of accepting life as it is, and how to look at life with a positive attitude, no matter what comes.

What we often look for in life, is relaxation from difficulties, strain and tension, thinking that by evading trouble we willl overcome it. He explains many superconscious living skills that can transform our obstacles. There are several affirmations and visualizations done with the audience on this recording, that reveal the power of positive affirmations to raise our energy to the superconscious level.

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