Keys to Overcoming Delusion

Keys to Overcoming Delusion - Swami Kriyananda

Time: 77:23
Archive Date: 12/12/85
Treasures Offering: August 2010

Swami begins this talk by relating how the Greek myth of Theseus is an allegory to our journey out of delusion. He weaves this profound and beautiful myth throughout the talk, making fascinating connections to how we, like Theseus, must slay our lower nature and find our way out of the labyrinth.

Swami points out that we cannot get out of delusion by not acting. We must act, but act in the right – serving others and God. He shares how most of us put a great deal more into protecting our delusions then getting out of them and emphasizes that, if we want to be free, we need to be more concerned with what’s true rather than what we wish were true.

Top Twenty Talks - Keys to Overcoming Delusion
Top Twenty Talks
Keys to Overcoming Delusion
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