March 2013 – Finding True Happiness


“God doesn’t count your mistakes, He counts whether you love Him or not.” — Swami Kriyananda

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Finding True Happiness
Swami Kriyananda | 7′:44″

Male and Female Principle of the Universe
March 2013 – Talk of the Month
Finding True Happiness
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This talk was given on the first day of Spiritual Renewal Week in 1984 and covers many topics related to finding true happiness within. Swami Kriyananda also gives examples of how true happiness can manifest in daily life, such as being more considerate of others, including others in your reality, and how not be too preoccupied with yourself.

Toward the end of the talk Swami speaks about superconsciousness – the topic of the week’s classes. He explains that the superconscious state sees unity, not separateness and generates the kind of magnetism that can produce true happiness.

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