March 2014 Techniques of Joyful Living Part 3 & Rajarshi Janakananda


"Two important lessons from Rajarshi are how to be completely in tune with the guru and how to keep that attunement while functioning in daily life." Swami Kriyananda

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Techniques of Joyful Living Part Three
Swami Kriyananda | 3:23


Rajarshi Janakanada
Swami Kriyananda | 1:38

March 2014 — Talk of the Month
Techniques of Joyful Living Part Three, Rajarshi Janakanada
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In our first talk Techniques of Joyful Living Part Three Swami Kriyananda concluded his weekend workshops in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March 1978 with a discussion on willingness followed by a reading from his first edition of The Path. The reading is his first-hand account of Yogananda’s passing at the Biltmore Hotel March 7, 1952.

The second talk Rajarshi Janakananda was given to Ananda Community residents on May 6, 1974. Kriyananda knew Rajarshi and tells many stories about his spiritual greatness. He said that Rajarshi could stay in a state of samadhi at a business meeting and remember every detail of the meeting.

He also talked about Rajarshi’s humility, simplicity and complete devotion to his guru.

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