Master’s Birthday 1979 and 1990
Talk of the Month for January, 2012

Talk of the Month for January 2012 - Master's Birthday - Swami Kriyananda

“May divine consciousness be born in us so we realize that we are no longer this ego or this body, but that we are sons and daughters of the Infinite, with as much right to claim His infinite joy, as any of the great masters who ever lived.” — Swami Kriyananda

Key Points for Master’s Birthday 1977

Serve God and ask Him to act through you. Keep a positive attitude and know that He is pleased with your service. God is not an angry God. We can shut Him out by imagining that he is displeased with us.

Don’t ever give up on the spiritual path. Master said, “I don’t mind you’re faults. God doesn’t mind your faults; all He wants is that you love Him.”

We are here to please God, not other people. Feel in your heart that you want to please and serve only Him.

Key Points for Master’s Birthday 1990

Yogananda presents the teachings so that we can better understand them and experience higher realities.

Read the poem “Samadhi,” memorize it. Live in the expectation that you can attain samadhi.

Yogananda never accepted devotion expressed toward him, but gave that devotion to God.

New Year’s Affirmation

I am center everywhere, circumference nowhere.
I seek God at my center in myself.
Self-realization is the knowing in all parts of body, mind and soul, that I am now in the possession of the kingdom of God, that I need not pray that it come to me, that God’s omnipresence is my omnipresence, and all I need is to improve my knowing

Talk of the Month for January 2012: Master's Birthday
Talk of the Month for January, 2012
Master’s Birthday 1979 and 1990
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