May 2013 – Kriyananda’s 80th Birthday Talk


"Live in the present moment, then you will have God." — Swami Kriyananda

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Kriyananda's 80th Birthday Talk
Swami Kriyananda | 8:02

May 2013 — Talk of the Month
Kriyananda's 80th Birthday Talk
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This is a perfect talk for inspiration and comfort in this special time so soon after Swami’s passing. On his 80th birthday in 2006 he reminisced about his life and time with Yogananda. He had just finished The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita and read from the 7th chapter, 3rd stanza “Among thousands of men, scarcely one strives for spiritual perfection. And among those blessed ones who seek me, scarcely one out of many thousands perceives me as I am.”

In this talk, Swami told stories about his youth, his search for truth, becoming Yogananda’s disciple and his service to God and guru. He has lectured all over the world, written over 150 books and over 400 pieces of music, but explains that he did nothing. God is the Doer.

He said, “If people’s lives have been blessed by the things I have done, then I am blessed.” “Everything in my life has been a great blessing. I am grateful for all of it, but inside I am not touched by it. And when you give me your love, I don’t feel it’s to me, it’s to Him. Anything that is loveable in me is because of something that I can transmit.”

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