Meditation Talk Collection
Meditation: What It Is and How to Do It

Talk Collections - Meditation Talk Collection - Swami Kriyananda

Experience the depth of the eight aspects of God: love, joy, peace, calmness, wisdom, light, sound, and power. Become relaxed and focused through eight beautiful visualizations on each aspect of God. Learn to go beyond meditation practice into the actual experience of the presence of God.

Interiorize Your Mind

  • Learn how to keep a part of yourself withdrawn and focused inwardly
  • Be in touch with your true nature in bliss
  • Remember your true infinite reality, and reach out with joy to the world

Phenomena Versus Experience

  • Measure spiritual progress by permanent, positive changes such as increased joy, peace and humility
  • Learn how superconscious experiences happen on subtle levels that our conscious mind may not grasp
  • Don’t be concerned with phenomena or “experiences” you have in meditation
Talk Collections - Meditation Talk Collection
Talk Collections
Meditation Talk Collection

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