November 2017 Yoga Postures as an Aid for Spiritual Growth


"As the light within you grows, you will be able to reach out more and more toward the essence of light, the divine. So to live consciously in that aura is one very important function of hatha yoga." Swami Kriyananda

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Yoga Postures as an Aid to Spiritual Growth
Swami Kriyananda | 5:07

November 2017 — Talk of the Month
Yoga Postures as an Aid to Spiritual Growth
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This talk offers good advice about daily life on the spiritual path,  learning to control the mind and being more aware in general at the beginning, and is more specifically about yoga postures toward the end of the talk

We are here to find out who and what we are and hath yoga can be an aid to spiritual development. It can deepen our meditation, and help us go about daily life in a more harmonious and centered way and help keep the body healthy.

When you do hatha yoga you can become aware of your body as a body of light, not just a physical body. You strengthen the light with your practice and emphasize to your mind the quality of that manifests an upward flow of energy in the body.

The attitudes of the mind can be expressed in the posture of the body, as a physical manifestation of the subtle energies in the body. It is best to sit for meditation with a straight spine.

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