Sharing the Heart of Yogananda Talk Collection
Talks about Yogananda with 8 Other Topics

Flash Drive Talk Collections: Sharing the Heart of Yogananda

Listen to story after instructional and heartfelt story of how Yogananda imparted the principles of living a life focused on divine love for God and all humankind.

Yogananda expressed love and compassion to his students, to people he barely knew, and even strangers. He is our example of how to give divine love to all.

The talks in this special collection were chosen to serve as companion topics in the “Wisdom of Yogananda” book series from Crystal Clarity Publishers.

125 Talks on 8GB USB Flash Drive


  • Paramhansa Yogananda – 28 talks
  • Meditation – 7 talks
  • Success – 27 talks
  • Relationships – 18 talks
  • Health & Healing – 9 talks
  • Courage & Calmness – 15 talks
  • Happiness – 13 talks
  • Karma – 11 talks
  • Essence of Self Realization – 5 talks

Email Nayaswami Krishna for a list of the talk titles

If you already have the Entire Collection Flash Drive, these talks are included on it, although not filed by category.

USB Talk Collections - Sharing the Heart of Yogananda
Flash Drive Talk Collections
Sharing the Heart of Yogananda
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