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Kriyananda Audio Talks Entire Collection

Entire Collection - Swami Kriyananda

Order the full collection of spiritual talks by Swami Kriyananda, direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda:

Over 265 audio talks have been made available since 1998 

The entire collection is now available via MP3 on a portable USB flash drive (16 GB).  The collection covers a variety of topics for spirituality in daily life, a tremendous aid on the spiritual path and for staying uplifted throughout the day. Listen in the car, in your local meditation group, or get inspiration for spiritual classes or counseling.

Details for the MP3 audio talk collection:

  • Easy to download
  • Organized alphabetically by topic
  • Includes a list of the entire archive
  • Uploads easily into iTunes for listening on the go
  • Provides you with a safe back-up
  • Only $250 – under $1 per talk

Allow 2 weeks for delivery. $3 domestic, $5 or more foreign shipping and California residents pay sales tax.

Entire Collection
Entire Collection
Over 265 talks on a 16 GB USB flash drive!
Flash Drive – MP3: $250.00 Buy now button

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