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“I do enjoy and gain much inspiration, spiritual strength and encouragement from these talks and gain the most from the “A Way to Awakening,” series. Thank you so very much.”

— G.S., Coldwater, MI

"Swami Kriyananda’s talks have been such an inspiration to me! It is through them that I have gotten to know who Paramhansa Yogananda is. Thank you for opening the door for me through these talks!" [edited]

— Treasures Member, New Hampshire

“Thank you for the excellent 'treasure' of 'The Divine Romance.' We have listened to it several times – each time is an additional unfoldment of pearls of wisdom.”

— D.S., Canada

"I receive so much inspiration, encouragement, and hope from the messages in Kriyananda’s talks. Everything he says resonates as truth. Thank you so much!"

— L.H., California

"Talks of Swami Kriyananda have helped me a lot on my spiritual path, specifically to say focused and calm while facing everyday obstacles (job, people…) so I want to help others reach the helping hand I have been given."

— D.S., Sesvete, Croatia

“I cannot tell you the joy and insights Treasures have brought me. Between Swamiji’s lectures and the weekly Sunday Service podcasts, I fill my commute time to and from work daily. I’m probably one of the very few people who actually look forward to traffic so I can spend even more time hearing Master’s teachings!”

— M.D., Seattle, WA

“I want to say that I am very pleased with Treasures Along the Path. I have read many of Swami Kriyananda’s books over the years and listened to many talks and I have a deep respect and appreciation of his wisdom and his ability to convey that to others.”

— B.B., Cottonwood, AZ

"I loved it! Swami Kriyananda speaks clearly, and he is surprisingly funny. I especially enjoyed the stories about his guru Yogananda. It made Yogananda come alive for me."

— D.F., New York

"I love the Treasures along the Path CD's, they help with learning the teachings of Master relating to different aspects of the spiritual path. Swami Kriyananda is a joy to listen to and so clearly explains the topics in each CD. The Treasures ladies Krishna and Daya give an overview of each CD along with a Key Points and a Questions sheet to help with consolidating the presentation if one so wishes. All in all The Treasures are an absolute wealth of wisdom and very well presented. Thank you for doing the Treasures!"

— R.W., Tasmania, Australia

"I ardently look forward to the talks by Swami Kriyananda! These talks have a remarkable way of arriving at exactly the right moment. They have been incredible and awe-inspiring and a further encouragement in forwarding my spiritual progress."

— Treasures Member

"I have been sharing my Treasures talks with a 19-year-old friend who has suffered from depression in recent years. I wasn't sure how she would respond to the talks but, it turned out she absolutely loved them. I have been amazed at how her outlook on life is gradually changing as she embraces the spiritual principles so clearly laid out by Swamiji and how her depression is lifting. I can’t thank you enough for these life-changing talks!"

— Treasures Member

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