How to receive your free mp3 talk:

  • Choose your free mp3 talk in either the “Talk of the Month” or “Top Twenty Talks” categories and remember its title.
  • Then find the talk you would like to purchase and click the “Buy Now!” button.
  • After viewing your purchase in the shopping cart click the “Check Out!” button.
  • In the page that opens, under the “Billing Information” section, add the free mp3 title name to the “Special Instructions/Notes:” text box.
  • Click the “Continue Transaction” button and complete your purchase.
  • Trust Us! Treasures will email you (within 3 business days) a link to your free mp3 talk for download.

Please contact us or call: 530-478-7656 if you have any questions, comments or requests.

In Joy,

Treasures Along the Path