Ananda Community Goals – 6/17/1979

Ananda Community Goals – helping people develop a cooperative spirit

Swami Kriyananda participated in a conference on communities in 1979. He met Peter Caddy who founded Findhorn and other community leaders. He returned to Ananda Village and gave this talk to residents.

Ananda community living is a way of life to bring about harmony and peace. The community lifestyle can be an example to others.

One of the primary goals of Ananda communities is to provide an environment to inspire individuals to become centered in themselves, centered in God consciousness and to become more and more giving. Kriyananda explains that we are happier when we share with others and realize that everything we do is for God.

The Ananda communities try to reach people on all levels to give them an incentive to grow through avenues such as education, healing, and retreat programs and classes.