Clarity of Heart

Clarity of heart – understanding, high consciousness & feeling

This class was given on the weekend of the first Festival of the Joyful Arts at Ananda Village in 2003. It includes extensive discussion about art, music and any endeavor requiring inspiration and focus.

The heart’s feelings can be directed upward through the spiritual eye.

In every endeavor, first offer it up and ask, does this seem true, is this the right action? Be centered in yourself, and also tune into the centeredness of others.

Clarity of feeling is absolutely necessary. Feeling can be confused with emotion.

Draw from the superconscious mind.

In any creative endeavor, ask God to get your ego out of the way.  Let God’s perfect clarity of heart flow through you.

Meditation can help us realize that we have a clear path to God’s grace. We’re moving toward perfect harmony and freedom in body, mind and soul.

Clarity of heart is a helpful state of mind under all circumstances.