How to Find Fulfillment

How to Find Fulfillment

How to find fulfillment – be an instrument of the Divine.

Sometimes we can’t control how things turn out, but we can control the kind of energy we put out.

When you have an attitude of giving a cycle is formed. Good comes back and goes out again.

Ask yourself some questions:

How do I find fulfillment?

How do I avoid disappointment or failure?

How do I find happiness?

How do I avoid suffering and pain?

How do I find love and avoid hatred?

How do I find peace and avoid agony or anguish

Some people become upset with God because there is suffering and pain. As people grow in wisdom, there are certain truths that are universal. This is what the spiritual path is about. People can call it spiritual or label it God and believe in God –  or not.

Key Points

Truth is something you have to see from the perspective from your own conscience. You need to be willing to walk alone if necessary sometimes. If everyone joins in, fine, if not, continue to follow your own truth.

The spiritual path really does not have a name. The ‘path’ is about your own inner unfoldment. It’s something that all of us are seeking and all of us need to do.

There are certain truths that are inherent to each one of us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we flow accordingly to those realities things go more smoothly.

The world is a mixed bag of injustice, bitterness, unkindness and so on. If we expect people or situations to be negative, most likely, that negativity will be expressed. If we are positive and expect goodness, things most likely will take a turn in that direction.

An issue we need to face strongly in our own minds, is the realization that we can’t determine what the world is going to give us. But we can determine what we are going to give to the world. If we can understand that our realities are what we create and not what the world is putting upon us, we have begun to set foot on the spiritual path toward wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual unfoldment.

Giving is more blessed than to receive. When we can learn to give to others. We can learn to give to life and then we don’t worry about what life is going to give back to us.

Sometimes there is more joy in our hearts when the world treats us badly because if our attitude is right, it helps us affirm right attitude all the more.

When we are practicing our inherent quality of love, there is a flow of love. If we hate, there will be a blocking, nervous and disturbing kind of energy. When we hate, we do not find happiness.

Sometimes we need to learn from our mistakes and admit we were wrong.

Meditate and ask God what you should do, then according to the feeling that you get, try to express it. Your expression may be imperfect, but it takes a little effort to strengthen a muscle.

Don’t compare yourself with others, compare yourself with yourself.

Let us resolve to be kind no matter how others treat us. We are happier and more joyful when we serve as a channel of blessings to the world. When we are an instrument of God, we are a fulfilled human being.