Finding Joy in Life – New York Workshop – 10/30/78 – Parts 1, 2 & 3

Part One

Finding joy in your life is described in the New York Workshop October 1978.

A key factor in retaining inner joy no matter what, is to focus on your faith, meditation and prayer when challenges come.

When you love God and commune with Him deeply, He will bring you what you need at the time you need it!

Joy is the cure for every challenge and is the way to attain oneness with God. Joy is what you have in you right now.

Kriyananda answered questions from attendees. “When you start meditating, does your life change?” He said, “Does your life change? Yes, it does, very radically. I must say, that you can look back a few years later and wonder if you were the same person. Your personality changes. Everything changes in your life when you start meditating. I feel it’s the most important thing that people can bring into their lives.”

Part Two

See God in everyone and everything

Joyful people have a lot of energy!

Try to eat fresh foods that have energy and eat in a harmonious place.

When your body is full of energy it will have a very strong aura.

When you associate with people who have high ideals and are spiritually magnetic, you will also be uplifted. You can also have a positive effect on others by your thoughts. It’s very good to meditate with other spiritually-minded people.

Devotion and longing to be in the presence of God will bring you closer to His presence.

Love God only, then with God’s love, love others.

This talk includes a guided hong-sau meditation and instruction.

Part Three

Joyful love is centered in the heart.

When we direct love upward toward the spiritual eye, toward God, the energy rises. When the energy is rising, you can change the level of your consciousness. If you can bring your level of consciousness high enough, you will find divine inspirations coming to you automatically.

Try this as a deliberate and daily practice: learn to live from the spiritual eye, keep your mind centered there.