Finding Joy Within

Boston Interfaith Event April 12, 1978
Finding Joy Within

Finding Joy Within – everyone is longing for joy and longing to escape pain and sorrow

  • Among all the world religions, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and more, there is really only one path, and that path lies in you. The path takes us into our inner Self and helps us to know who we really are.
  • The indwelling Self goes through the changes of this world, and yet, does not essentially change at all. When you are in God, you are in the changeless Self.
  • Through the incarnations of any given soul, there is one goal, freedom from duality, and merging with our one Source.
  • Desire directs energy. It is only when we want something deeper, that we are able to get out of the constant treadmill of worldly existence and come into a higher reality
  • God created this world out of His own consciousness. He manifested it through the law of duality, positive & negative, light & dark, male & female, pleasure & pain. There isn’t anything in the world that does not have an opposite. Opposites balance each other out.
  • We can only find peace and the end of duality in the center within ourselves.
  • The meaning of yoga is union, the complete integration of the outer world and the inner world. There is no separation.
  • God has a song to sing through each one of us, and it’s a very important song.
  • There is no such thing as a spiritual work and an unspiritual work.
  • Whatever you feel to do in life, if it expresses through the joy of the soul, then you are doing something true, noble, worthy and divine.