Healing & Energy Parts One and Two

July 29, 1982
Healing & Energy Parts One and Two

Healing & energy – when ill, ask “what can I learn from this?”

  • Yogananda said that if you concentrate on the sun’s rays, you can absorb as much as 100 times more energy from the sun than if you simply sit in the sun and allow it to work on you automatically.
  • Energy flow is a manifestation of the flow of thought patterns.
  • We are here to grow spiritually and learn certain lessons. When we become ill, rather than saying “How can I get well? – It’s better to say, “What can I learn from this?”
  • In modern medicine, we are beginning to see doctors with the knowledge that man is a person, not just a machine. Man is a body of energy, rather than just an aggregate of bones and blood vessels and nerves.
  • In older style medicine practices in India, they can feel the pulse and diagnose an extraordinary number of things, according to the pulse.
  • Yogananda said that a primary aspect of healing is about energy.
  • Energy directs willpower. It’s been seen over the years, that during an epidemic, mothers and other caregivers would not get sick because their consciousness was primarily focused on serving those who were sick.
  • When you can learn how to direct energy to body parts, similar to what is done in the Energization Exercises, you will be able to heal more effectively.
  • There are many ways to look at curing disease, including spiritual realities.
  • Medicine has come a long way since the old days when a doctor could get to know his patients. When it was necessary to make a diagnosis, the doctor could look at the patient wholistically, and use intuition to seek solutions to the problem. There are doctors and practitioners now, who are looking for better health for their patients in a more wholistic way.