Heaven Within

Circa 1967
Heaven Within

Heaven Within – experience it right here, right now

  • The only way we can understand the mass of confusion and conflicting doctrines and dogmas that abound in the world today, is to understand that what we are looking for is an existential, deep, personal experience of God, our higher self, and our own reality.
  • It is unfortunate to make religion a matter of fighting, dissidents, and of violent disagreement. Where there is a sincere desire for truth, even though we see truth in different ways, there should not be a question of opposition between our ways of finding truth.
  • Any rule we make depends upon our present level of understanding. It is necessary for us then, to bring our religion to a new level of understanding and that level must relate to our own present. This the process of spiritual evolution.
  • Kriyananda said, “I think we are on the eve of a change in the churches, a change towards mysticism and away from dry intellectual ideas about God. What people are looking for is an intimate relationship with Him. They want to bring God out of the churches and into their own homes and the marketplace. I think this is what we are coming to.”