How to Attract Inspiration and Guidance – 7/5/84

How to Attract Inspiration and Guidance – God can draw us into realms of higher and higher inspiration if we pray and act with magnetism and expect solutions.

Kriyananda said, “The thing that works best of all, is to know that there’s an answer. If there is a problem, there’s got to be a solution.”

Sometimes when we are seeking guidance we end up saying, “I can’t do it.” If we follow with, “but God can do it through me,” we will succeed.

Share everything with God and ask for His will to be done.

If you can be non-attached to your will, guidance and inspiration will always be there.

God is not an abstraction. It is helpful to think of God as your divine mother or father, your beloved or friend. That way you can work with God by bringing Him into everything you do. Ask constantly, how shall we do this, is this what You want?