Divine Joy Through Humor

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Divine Joy Through Humor

Divine Joy Through Humor – laugh at something and tension will dissolve at a resting point in your mind

  • The cause of delusion is the desire to make things other than they are.
  • Your own true nature is one with everything.
  • The more we look for things outside ourselves, the more we begin to become dissatisfied with everything. When you are constantly outwardly focused and not coming back to your center, you can’t find joy.
  • Sometimes fulfilling a desire can help you relax into yourself. It can remind you that your inward joy is something uplifting and wonderful.
  • The tensions of this world are tensions of involvement and attachment, such as the thought of  needing to do this or that, and that it’s terribly important. The soul knows that nothing is really important. The soul knows that it’s all just a play of Divine Mother.
  • Watch your reaction to things and see whether it is taking you toward the inner self or toward the outer self and ego. Is it taking you into an attitude that gives you more joy, or into an attitude that deprives you of that joy?
  • Lahiri Mahasaya said that we need to find the rest points of the mind. The mind gets an idea and it swirls around, then finally the thought is finished. If you can catch it just before a new thought begins, you can go into Samadhi.
  • The restless mind and the restless breath are two causes of delusion. Try to catch them between one thought or breath and the next.
  • Why is gazing into the horizon beneficial – especially at the ocean? We live in a world of three dimensions, and by gazing at the horizon line you reduce the three dimensions into one dimension. When you try to go through the horizon line into no dimension, you get away from outward complication, into the center of everything.