I Can

December 6, 1981
I Can

“I Can” is one of the most important phrases in the English language!

If something we want to do is difficult, and we wonder whether or not we can do it, the affirmation “I can” is perhaps all we need. If we understand this correctly, we will succeed.

Yogananda said, “Thoughts are universally, not individually rooted.”

We cannot create truth, we can only perceive it.

This talk was given at the beginning of the Christmas season in 1981.  Swami sings two Christmas songs and other songs, including Peace. He talks about the song Peace and when he composed it, and all of his music, he would “invite” inspiration, and it would come.

Inviting guidance and being receptive is a key to success in any endeavor. When you ask for guidance, do it humbly. We are children of the Infinite, why shouldn’t we be able to do whatever there is to be done, if we open our consciousness up to Him and allow Him to operate through us?

When you put out a strong thought with a lot of energy, it is like an electric current. It generates a magnetic field that draws to itself the answer that you want.

Two different MP3 files are part of this talk offering for your convenience.

1. music only

2. talk only

Music selections include:

Christmas Mystery

Jim Brown

Come Chill’in Wake-Up

Where Has My Love Gone?



Walk Like a Man – re-titled later Go On Alone

What is Love?

Looking for a Friend