Karma Yoga

Karma yoga – service to God as an extension of meditation

• We tend to compartmentalize our work and meditation, but the two are really complimentary. Work is extremely necessary to mediation until a person has reached the point where his meditations are so deep that the idea of work and meditation have blended and become one.

• The closer we are to God, the more good we can accomplish in the world.

• The real purpose of karma yoga is not so much what we do, but rather the way in which we do it – do outward tasks while in communion with God. Do your job well, and do it as an expression of Divine love.

• Your words and actions should express what you have inside. Try to express God’s joy, love and peace.

• When you are wholeheartedly expressing God’s joy in your relationship with others, you will also feel a deepening in your meditation, because you realize that everything and everyone is an expression of God’s consciousness.