Developing the Whole Person

Maturity – awareness of the realities of others and being able to accept them and to relate to them.

God consciousness is our birthright. We are a soul, not a body. The purpose of life is to realize this reality.

Many people have reached the level that will never be satisfied by food, drink, procreation and dying. We want wisdom. We want to satisfy the hunger of the heart. We want to satisfy the needs of the soul for joy, the real joy, and for wisdom.

The passage from childhood to maturity starts with a certain amount of spontaneity, joy and trust in life, but often can progress to fixity of ideas and opinions and an incapacity to relate to others who think differently.

Instead of talking to people, listen, and talk with them.

If we want to understand maturity, we want also to understand how to educate ourselves toward that maturity. Reach out toward happiness and fulfillment in true joy.

Look at your potential, instead of where you’ve come from. Think of how I can grow from here, from where I am. We are all children of God.