Psychology of East and West – 8/4/82

Psychology of East and West is a fascinating talk given by Swami Kriyananda in 1982. He talks about the approach of standing back to observe the way your mind works, and then get into a flow of joy. The American Indians have a wonderful teaching: you can understand people when you are able to see them from within themselves, rather than just analytically from the outside. When you are trying to understand yourself, you can apply that same principle.

The scriptures from India state that it takes five to eight million lifetimes for the ego and soul to reach the point to be born in a human body. Psychology practice has dealt mostly with the here and now, in this one lifetime.

When you want to overcome a negative quality or circumstance, it doesn’t do any good to keep going over what’s wrong. Look for qualities you have that make you loveable, kind and so on. Think of your divine qualities. A leading quality is that you want to seek God.