Self-Effort & God’s Grace

Self-effort and God’s grace – using willpower and relaxation

  • Everything takes a certain amount of self-effort, but we really need to let God do the work and realize divine influence is with us all the time. Use your will to flow with the divine currents.
  • Try to expand your consciousness in your work, in your sharing with others, in your feelings, actions, words, and in every circumstance.
  • Life is full of obstacles on the path to God. It’s like playing golf. There are sand traps challenging progress. You need to use will power in your golf swing, but you also need to relax at the same time.
  • If we look at life in a joyful way, then it is fun. Everything becomes more beautiful if we share all that we do with God.
  • It is not by doing more, that you are serving God better, it is by doing it better. When you act, express God’s presence.
  • In all that you do, try to feel that your meditations are giving strength to your work.