Superconscious Living: Awareness 1980 Part 1 of 5

Superconscious living – becoming aware of a greater reality

  • Everyone wants greater awareness on some level.
  • This world, including us, was created by consciousness. We will return to a state of consciousness when we leave this world.
  • God is the Doer
  • You have the potential to be anything you want to be. Get in tune with the power of God working through you.
  • We can learn to bring things into manifestation by tuning into our creative forces.
  • The creative process works in ways that we don’t quite understand. It involves getting into a certain frame of mind to receive guidance.
  • We can learn to uplift negative consciousness by offering negative thoughts to the divine.
  • Learn to observe the difference between unconsciousness and consciousness. Subconsciousness can be a subtle and negative influence. By noticing what we are actually thinking and doing, we will be able to attract positive energy.
  • If you see darkness in someone else and dwell on it, you are really putting yourself down and creating a little bit of a pain within yourself.
  • Kriyananda remarked, “I came to realize that until I changed myself, the world out there would not do anything for me. But, to the extent that I changed myself, the world seemed to reflect back to me what I was putting out.”
  • When you are in a superconscious frame of mind, you can be inspired at will and have greater awareness.
  • When we have greater awareness, we see that there is a reality that is greater than our ego and personality.
  • Superconsciousness is innate within everyone. You don’t have to please it, you’ve got to simply get in tune with it.
  • When you can get yourself out of the way, you will find that things go smoothly.
  • Relaxation is the start of letting your higher self emerge. Go within, calm your mind and harmonize yourself inwardly.

NOTE: This is part one of Superconscious Living: Awareness 1980, a  5 part series