Superconscious Living: Awareness 1980 Part 2 of 5

Superconscious Living – the seat of superconsciousness is in the spiritual eye

When you bring your energy up the spine to the spiritual eye you will be amazed at how much power comes into your life. You can actually influence the course of events in very unexpected ways.

The conscious mind is problem oriented. The superconscious mind is solution oriented.

Developing the right flow of energy depends on thought, willpower, energy and magnetism. It all comes naturally. It brings a sense of freedom. It also makes you more in control of your life.

You become happy when the energy is rising in the spine.

If you can direct your energy upward toward the brain from the heart, your love will be expansive.

When you develop the right flow of energy within yourself, you become magnetic. The spiritual eye is the top of the magnet. Concentrating there, brings the energy up. It is like the principle of the bar magnet that creates the force of energy for smaller metal pieces to become magnetized and rise up in the same direction.

If you want to be successful, be with people who have success consciousness.

Be centered in yourself. Everything will flow from your center, and you will also be able to relate to other centers easily when centered in yourself.

If you are bound by your own little prison of self-definitions, you will greatly limit your potential.

When you have a problem, don’t think if it as a problem. Think of it as a situation. Keep it in light and move toward solutions.