The Battle of Life

The Battle of Life

The battle of life goes back to the beginning of time. First, there was just bliss – satchitanandam. Spirit brought everything into existence as a manifestation of its own consciousness. We came out of Spirit, and we want to get back to it. This is the destiny of life. Therefore, life is a battle in our quest to return to our Source.

• Energy becomes matter. Every atom is a vibration of energy. Energy is a manifestation on consciousness.

• Everything we see here, has come from the astral universe. The astral universe is a world like this world, except it exists only in the form of energy and light.

• This talk contains a detailed explanation of the Goddess Kali, with the severed heads and many more symbolic aspects.

• All things manifest God, but the farther away you get form that source, the less purely and perfectly that manifestation is expressed.

• Yogananda said evil is the absence of true joy. Evil is that which manifests the least amount, or that which pulls your toward a lesser amount of true joy.

• Satanic power is a reality. It is a conscious force. It is not come from our own imagination. There is a conscious force that is trying to pull things away from God.

• Kriyananda explains the caste system in India, past and present and also the three gunas, sattva, rajas and tamas. Everything is a mixture of these three qualities.

• Kriyananda explains the scenario of being in the astral world and realizing that you have more things to work out. A sadness comes, because of knowing you must go back to the battlefield of life. They say that even the gods can want to be born as men to work things out.