By Thinking, Can We Arrive at Understanding?

Arrive at understanding using the mind & the heart

The subject of intellect vs. heart is a very, very important one. They have found that there is a certain amount of gray matter in the heart. Western culture has been one-sided in the direction of intellect.

Yogananda said the motivation of human beings is twofold: to avoid suffering to attain happiness.

The joy of God and the joy of your soul is something that is always there, constantly bubbling in your heart.

True joy is always new, you never tire of it. It is the goal of life.

Thomas a Kempis writes in The Imitation of Christ, that delusions are so much a part of our habit structure, it is it is difficult to let go of them.

Try to focus your calm feeling and direct it to the point between the eyebrows.

Love God. It is much more important than knowing God intellectually. You can know God in the heart because God is love. You need to love Him to understand Him.

Jesus taught that the intellect alone cannot lead one to truth. Without fixity of purpose born of the heart’s devotion, the intellect wanders endlessly. It cannot settle for long on anything.