What is Attunement – 8/29/86

What is Attunement? – being open to and inwardly connected to a teacher and teaching that help you recognize your highest truth and potential

Look for a spiritual path that will give you these three things: right teaching, right technique, and right teacher.  Attune yourself to the teacher through the techniques and the teachings and you will find that your life will change in away that you could never change by yourself.

What is truth? It is you – your own highest self – who you are. The guru doesn’t give you himself. He aligns your molecules to make you a magnet that will draw God to you.

The real teaching on the spiritual path has to do with a state of consciousness more then anything else. It’s not only the things that you do.

Teachings in books don’t convey what a connection with a master teacher does. Being inwardly connected to a spiritual master is necessary.