What is the Future of Religion?

March 23, 1983
What is the Future of Religion?

What is the future of religion – to get away from mere belief to have a direct experience of God’s presence in your life.

  • The essence of the religious spirit is an expansive consciousness.
  • Ancient seers have said that when the population of a planet becomes evil and committed to materialism, they set up disharmony that finally destroys the planet. When a whole population becomes completely in tune with God, the planet itself does not need to exist, because it has fulfilled its function. Then, everything is dissolved into a higher plane. When the people all become good, you wouldn’t call it a destruction, you would call it a transmutation.
  • When there is a growing light, but also growing darkness, the two are bound to clash in time. There will be a polarization of consciousness and there is bound to be an explosion. There will be tension between the two and there will be great trials for our planet. This is going to wake people up, and turn them in a more wholesome direction.
  • Religion has seen an increase in institutionalism and increasing dedication to form and structure, and a diminishing emphasis on actual attunement with God.
  • Einstein said that the secret of all great scientists and scientific discovery, is a sense of mystery and wonder of the universe, a mystic awe of the miracle of the universe.
  • When you bring God into even the most mundane things, you will find to your amazement, that those things all somehow turn out right.