Worldwide Changes in Consciousness 7/16/83

Worldwide Changes in Consciousness – Kriyananda outlines the trends in world affairs in 1983 that are still manifesting today such as the declining value of money and increasing complication and dishonesty in politics.

He says, “Only truth wins in the end. Error may go on for a long time, but it can’t win in the end.”

“I do not want to stress the hard times and difficulties ahead; I want to emphasize Divine Consciousness. It’s because of the people who are out of tune with that Divine Consciousness that troubles will come. And the answer therefore, is not be get in tune with troubles, but to get back in tune with the Divine Consciousness.”

Kriyananda urges us to develop our inner life and fill our heart with the Divine Presence so that God can blossom there. When we can feel love and joy in our hearts, we can feel at home everywhere.

Throughout this talk Swami includes songs he composed that illustrate the principles he talks about. Songs included are Brothers, What is it For?, Little Kathy, Benefits (Salute to the Nice Paper Flag), Cloisters, Truth Can Never Die, Where Has My Love Gone?, Secret of Laughter, Peace.