Yogananda Quotes – Circa 1950

Kriyananda reads Yogananda quotes – circa 1950

Kriyananda says, “My most precious possession is notebooks I have made – of things that he said at different times.”

Yogananda asked Kriyananda to write down what he said in public and private presentations. Kriyananda would go home and transpose his notes in his notebooks.

Kriyananda reads from one of his notebooks and makes commentaries. Quotes were later published in books such as “The Essence of Self-Realization” and “Conversations with Yogananda.”

Yogananda said, “It is hard to find God, but those who make the effort will know Him.”

Yogananda expressed that the devotee should never expect anything, but be grateful for what comes to him, without expectation or anticipation. By being in the moment he will have peace.

Kriyananda said, “The real thing that went on between Master and us, was not lovely conversation, it was something mental, something spiritual. And it is something that goes on even now, as much as ever. And I want to leave you with that understanding that you can have this kind of association with Master right now. Many of you do have this. It’s an inner thing, a mental thing.

When you are right, you feel his seal of approval on your thoughts. When you are happy you feel his smile in your heart. When you are wrong, you feel him scolding you inwardly. And he is there always guiding you…..Many times when I wanted to know an answer to something and I had no way of getting it through the senses, I just meditated and asked him to tell me. And the answer came clearly, just as if he was there saying it to me.”