Yogananda: Saint for Modern Times

Yogananda: Saint for Modern Times

Yogananda was a saint for modern times in every sense of the term. Performing miracles and eminating divine love were as much a part of his life as of any saint. He brought the teachings right into your daily life.

Each one of us is a small manifestation of a greater consciousness. Being more in tune with and eventually merging with that greater consciousness is the goal of life.

Science is finding that this world is not matter, it is energy and perhaps this energy contains consciousness. Yogis have said for centuries that matter is energy and energy is consciousness. The teachings of science and of yoga are beginning to come together.

It was good timing for the science of yoga to be sent to the West. Yoga  is the science of religion that teaches people how to test the spiritual truths and find out for themselves whether they are really true or not.

Yogananda and other masters were drawn to come to the West when they felt that people were ready for something more.

Yogananda always maintained his inner joy and had balance in his life. He kept his elevated consciousness and was able to teach from a state of high consciousness without diluting the teachings. He adapted the teachings and explained them in terms of people’s needs.

Yogananda showed us in this 20th Century and in an increasingly more materialistic world how we can realize God – a tremendous teaching!

The material changes you go through don’t matter all that much; but the spiritual changes can be seen in retrospect as the biggest changes in your life.

Yogananda’s real message was to give us hope that we too can experience oneness with God. And we can expand our consciousness and become one with Him.

The power of the divine is not going to come to us automatically. You need to open the door and wake up to the reality that you ARE one with God.

Yogananda wrote in his poem Samadhi, “From joy I came, for joy I live, in sacred joy, I melt again.