Yogananda’s Centennial Birthday Celebration

January 1993 - Palo Alto Event
Yogananda’s Centennial Birthday Celebration

Yogananda’s Centennial Birthday Celebration brings you the power of his living presence!

Yogananda expressed power in his life, in a way that was awe inspiring. At Carnegie Hall he had the audience chanting “Oh God Beautiful” for an hour and a half! It was much more than the power of the chant itself, Yogananda expressed his power to all assembled. Some experienced a state of ecstasy that evening.

Another historic transference of energy was during the Garden Party in Beverly Hills when Yogananda exclaimed in a powerful voice, “ This day, marks the birth of a new era……Thousands of youths must go north, south, east and west to cover the earth with little colonies, demonstrating that simplicity of living plus high thinking lead to the greatest happiness!” Swami Kriyananda says in his book The Path, “I was stirred to my very core…..Deeply I vowed that day, to do my utmost to make his words a reality.”

Yogananda was gracious, spontaneous, considerate, kind, full of life and full of humor. When he told jokes, the humor was infectious.

Yogananda wanted people to break away from the thought that they are just a little ego. The ego is a delusion of the mind. He said, “I killed Yogananda long ago, no one dwells in this temple now but God.”

Kriyananda explains that Yogananda could become a mirror for people to the extent that he would actually resemble the person he was with. Kriyananda mentioned two photographs. With the president of Mexico who was portly and had a stout neck, Yogananda also looked like that. With Amelia Galli-Curchi the opera singer who was small, frail and delicate, Yogananda resembled her. He was a flawless mirror.

Yogananda brought to all, a living God. He did not come to bring us a beautiful myth or lovely philosophy. He came to bring God into our lives.

One of Yogananda’s disciples wrote him a note saying that when I look at you, I see Divine Mother. The next time Yogananda saw him, he took his cane and gently tapped the disciple on the knee and said, “then behave accordingly.”

Don’t be too rigid. Get into a flow. Energy has intelligence. The whole world works within this divine intelligence. Let it flow through you.

The more you can understand the teachings, not so much in terms of outward rules, but from the redirection of energy in your life, work, relationships and above all in your meditation, the more you will have grasped the essence of what Yogananda came to bring us in this age.