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Hear a different talk each week by Swami Kriyananda. Discuss and ask questions after the talk.

5:30 pm – 6:30  pm Pacific Time – listen to audio recording

6:30 – 6:45 – Questions, Answers & Comments


March 23 – Follow Your Own Inspiration & Dharma – this is happening during

Inner Renewal Week

April 19 – TBA

April 26 -TBA

View at Online with Ananda Zoom or  Ananda Worldwide Facebook  – LINKS below

Video links of past recordings are (usually) available on Ananda Worldwide Facebook


Spiritual tools to help us with COVID-19 challenges.

Tangible connection with like-minded truth seekers worldwide. See testimonial below.


Welcome & Prayer

Listen to a talk – 55 minutes,including a slide show of photos of Kriyananda
Comments and questions & answers happen after the talk – 15 minutes.

The hostess, Nayaswami Krishna appears in the upper right of the screen during the broadcast. Participants do not appear on screen or audio unless they wish to during the 15 minute discussion.


The Study Group last night was amazing! Thank you so very much for such an inspiring and empowering evening. I had felt a tad bit depressed the last couple of days and wow! last night’s Study Group really brought me out of it! The gong was absolutely beautiful, too. The amazing vibrations that came through the speaker of this computer from the gong was so empowering and just totally uplifted me and my consciousness. Thank you for playing it.

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