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Hear a different talk each week by Swami Kriyananda.

5:30 pm – 6:30  pm Pacific Time – listen to audio recording


Throughout July & August we will hear talks Swami Kriyananda gave at Spiritual Renewal week 1990 on the theme “Self-Realization – The Redemption.”

Our highest freedom is in God, and this series of talks is filled with inspiration and information about our goal to merge with God and find ultimate bliss.

July 26 -The Soul’s voyage from Bondage to Freedom

August 2 – How to Work Out Karma and Find Infinite Freedom

August 9 – The Path to Divine Union

August 16 – Levels of Consciousness & How to Call on God

August 23 – Self Realization – The Redemption

August 31 – How to Realize You are One with All That Is!

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Video links of past recordings are (usually) available on Ananda Worldwide Facebook


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Welcome & Prayer

Listen to a talk – 55 minutes,including a slide show of photos of Kriyananda

The hostess, Nayaswami Krishna appears in the upper right of the screen during the broadcast. If the length of the talk allows extra time at the end, we share comments & questions in the chat.


The Study Group last night was amazing! Thank you so very much for such an inspiring and empowering evening. I had felt a tad bit depressed the last couple of days and wow! last night’s Study Group really brought me out of it!

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