Complete Collection

This is an incredible resource – inspiration for a lifetime!

  • Nearly 4,000 Files
  • All talks from Treasures Along the Path
  • Audio books from Crystal Clarity Publishers
  • Music from Crystal Clarity Publishers

Complete Collection Contents

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Custom Collection

Build a custom Talk Collection from the Talk Catalog. Choose a category or choose from all the categories.

Find talks that will be inspiring to you!
• 5 talks – suggested donation $25
• 10 talks – suggested donation $40

Donation amounts are variable according to your means.

64 GB Flash Drive
Suggested donation: $350
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Entire Treasures Talk Collection

Over 300 talks-issued by Treasures Along the Path talk-of-the-month-club since it began in 1998.

Entire Treasures Collection Contents

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64 GB Flash Drive

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Sharing the Heart of Yogananda

125 talks arranged in categories such as meditation, success, happiness and more. Featuring Kriyananda speaking about his life with Yogananda.

Sharing the Heart of Yogananda Contents

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Kriya Yoga for Everyone

For those who have not yet taken Kriya initiation from Ananda. Talks about Kriya Yoga by Swami Kriyananda, Nayaswami’s Jyotish, Devi, and Devarshi.

Kriya Yoga for Everyone Collection Contents

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Kriya Initiations Kriyabans Only

For those who have taken Kriya Yoga initiation from Ananda. 22 talks of Kriya initiations and events by Swami Kriyananda, Also contains Kriya talks for everyone contents.

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Meditation What It is and How to Do It
Meditation One Parts One & Two
How to Commune with God

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Helping Others

  • How to Inspire Spirituality in Others
  • The Art of Spiritual Counseling
  • How to Recognize and Trust Your Inner Guidance

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Top Twenty Plus Collection

  • This collection contains the twenty most popular talks PLUS a variety of other talks about meditation, courage, calmness and much more.
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