Age of Energy

Energy – the link between thought and matter.

When we can control the energy, we can control our health, we can control our lives, and even our destiny.

Intuition is a cooperation between a higher feeling and your own nature. You won’t fully tune into intuition by merely thinking. Use your willpower but focus on the inspiration that comes to you. Swami speaks about his inspiration when he composed the songs Cloisters and Napoli.

One of the greatest changes that has taken place in the past 100 years, has not only been our expanded awareness of energy, but also our growing reliance on the many different uses of energy.

When you can train your mind to have no negative expectations, only positive expectations, your energy will be better directed toward success on every level. Energy generates success.

Our positive magnetism depends on the strength and intensity of the quality of the energy that flows through us.

Sometimes we negate ourselves, like pushing on opposite sides of a door. We might say, oh, who am I to think that I have any right to enter the kingdom of heaven? Yogananda said that the greatest sin is to call yourself a sinner. Tell yourself, you are a child of God!

If you want to become an artist, mix with successful artists, not negative ones. Don’t mix with people with low energy, they can drive you down with their negativity.

When you put the right thoughts out, you will find things happen in life that can make everything turn out as it should.

See everything as God’s play. You don’t have to carry any burdens. You aren’t responsible for straightening out the world. Just do your best and know God is taking care of everything.