Overcoming Negative Emotions

Attitudes have a great deal to do with overcoming negative emotions. We can choose what attitudes to support. You must reject that which is going to hurt you, before you can completely embrace that which will help you. Rejection in this case does not mean with an attitude of judgement.

The more you try to tune into people and listen closely to what they are saying, the more you begin to feel actually what they have experienced, rather than feeling just general empathy for them.

Learn to hold your peace wherever you are, in the city or the country.

Ananda music written by Kriyananda uplifts, it is not emotional.

Ask at every turn, ‘God, what do You want?’ You will find that He gives you guidance.

Communities are a solution. People can learn to live together and seek God’s presence and support each other in their spiritual search.

The purpose of human life is to get more in tune with higher consciousness.

You can better understand people when you understand them from your heart.

There is a difference between spirituality and religion. It’s not so much about your beliefs, but how you live.

Be true to your own principles, don’t worry about what other people say, or the noise around you. Be true to your own higher truth. If thousands of people would do that, they could change the world.