Expanding into Longer Rhythms

Expanding into longer rhythms – how to be in tune with the natural rhythm of life

This is the second talk Swami gave at Winter Renewal Week March 5, 1986. The topic for the week was How to Harmonize with Life’s Natural Rhythms.

The rhythm of life is a vibration and a divine flow. Keeping a positive attitude has a lot to do with staying in attunement with that flow.

Conditions are always neutral; it’s how you respond that makes them seem either positive or negative.

When we have challenges, we can raise our energy to meet it on the highest level. Injustice can be met with forgiveness. Sorrow can be met with joy; a great failure can be met with an affirmation of success. The sooner you can raise your energy, the better!

Some people in concentration camps, in-spite of terrible tragedy, were able to become saints by raising their energy to overcome their supreme challenges.

The way to ease troubles, is to give everything to God. The only way to overcome emotions is to increase your attunement to the divine, and realize that you are part of something much greater. After troubles have passed, you will see that whatever seemed significant at the time, was only a ripple.