Superconscious Living Awareness: 1980 Part 3 of 5

Superconscious living brings solutions to all challenges.

From Swami Kriyananda:

When you avoid problems, it’s not the problem that gets bigger, it’s that you get weaker and smaller.

We need challenges to become strong and to understand things more clearly. Put energy into positive thoughts and solutions. Don’t wait passively for something to happen.

Look at challenges as opportunities. View a challenge impersonally and call it a ‘situation’ for which you are looking for solutions. For every problem, there is a solution.

Kriyananda invited 3 students from his classes in San Francisco, to share experiences of applying yoga teachings in daily life. The first student to speak, was the training manager at the police academy in San Francisco at the time.

He would apply the teachings by projecting positive thoughts, such as to victims of brutal crimes. When the question came from a victim, ‘will I be alright,’ his answer was, ‘yes, you’ll be alright.’ He saw people relax when he said that.

Becoming neutral in a tense situation is key. He said, try as best you can to be centered, and feel inwardly that everything is going to work out ok, even if there is a potential to be shot at or injured. By being calm yourself and not reacting, you can have a calming influence on people who are agitated.

From a well-known artist and art teacher: Have a sense of joy in your life. Whatever you need to do, do it with joy. Stay positive. We sometimes learn more from our failures than our successes. When you work with people on a project or are teaching, try to make them feel good about themselves to build up their confidence. Help them let go of what they think they should and should not do. Encourage centeredness vs. outwardness.

Yogananda said that the season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success. When you feel you haven’t done something right, instead of thinking ‘I have failed,’ say to yourself, ‘I haven’t yet succeeded.’